The National HIV & AIDS Research Conference (NHARCON) is organized by the Ghana AIDS Commission every four years. The 2018 conference is the fourth to be organized by the Commission. NHARCON 2018 is expected to serve as a platform to share ideas in support of the implementation of the current National HIV & AIDS Strategic Plan (NSP) 2016-2020. It also forms part of GAC’s mandate to disseminate and share HIV and AIDS strategic information with the scientific community, academia, policy makers, programme managers, stakeholders and partners in the implementation of the National Response.

NHARCON 2018 will bring together researchers, programme managers, policy makers and other stakeholders to share scientific evidence, lessons learnt and best practices with a view to addressing some of the challenges of the national HIV and AIDS response. It will equally be an opportunity for reviewing the collective actions of researchers and stakeholders in the national HIV and AIDS response and set an agenda for the future. The conference is scheduled for 8-11 May, 2018 and will involve between 500 and 800 local and international participants.